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   What's In a Belly?
       originally published in Caravan Trails


Authentic Voice

Archaic Knowing


Inner Guidance

Connection to the Mother

Origin of Dreams

Healing Power of Sleep

Ancient Images
   of the Sacred Feminine

Twin Pillars


Resonance with the Earth

A Belly-Powered Prayer for Peace

Tribal Survival

The Gut Microbiome
Wise Woman Mentor, 2013-2014

1 What's In A Belly?
2 The Belly's Microbiome
3 The Microbes In The Belly
4 Your Belly Microbiome On The Move
5 Your Belly, Your Universe
6 Your Belly, Your Primordial Planet
7 Your Belly Microbiome: Not Yet Ready for Roundup
8 Cheering for Your Belly Microbiome: Go Non-GMO

From the Beginning
Wise Woman Wisdom, Sept 2005
Encounters with the Sacred Feminine
Wise Woman Wisdom, April 2005
How To Love Your Belly
Yoga Bulletin, Spring 2005
Homeland Security: Getting Gutsy
WNC Woman, April 2005
In the Midst of Her Grace
Wise Woman Wisdom, March 2005
Sex & the Sacred Girl
Celebrating the Sacred Feminine
New Life Journal, February 2005
Reaping the Healing Power of Hara
How to Befriend Your Belly
Pulse News, December 2004

Feeding the Hunger for a Soulful Sense of Self
Presented at the Renfrew Center Conference
November 2004

Trust Your Gut
Enhancing Your Body's Intuition
New Life Journal, December 2004
Baubo, Belly Goddess
Goddess Path, October 2004  
Women Hold the Power—But Will We Use It?
The Strong Women Summit
WNC Woman, March 2004
Winning Through Cooperation
Reflections on the Strong Women Summit
A Self-Made Woman
Strong Women Summit essay contest winner
Losing Weight, Gaining Substance
Mountain XPress, June 2003
Finding Belly Wisdom
by Debbie Berrow
Healing Into Wholeness
The Solstice Story
New Life Journal, December 2003
Tripura Rahasya: Mystery of the Triune Goddess
Edited excerpt of Linda Johnsen's translation
of an ancient scripture of India
Honoring Your Belly:
Meetingplace of Body and Soul
WNC Woman, Fall 2002
The Center of Healing
Creations, September 2000
The Center in Yoga
KYTA Yoga Bulletin, Summer 1997
The Sacred Feminine and Where I Find Her
South of the Garden, Winter 1997
The Goddess Ungirdled:
How I learned to love my belly
and found the Sacred Feminine within
SageWoman, Spring 1996
From Ancient Spiritual Practice
to the Unified Field:

The body's center as the center of consciousness
Consciousness Research Abstracts, 1996
Honoring the Belly
Yoga Journal, July/August, 1993
Trying Not To Die
The Mystic Muse, Winter 1988


Other published essays:

Finding Treasure Inside
The Other Side, July/August 1997

My Soul's True Hunger
Personal Transformation, June 1997

Honoring Your Belly
MotherTongue, Fall 1996

Healing from the Source
School for Spiritual Healing
Sufi Healing Order, May 1996

Honoring the Belly
Radiance, Spring 1995

Finding the Soul's Home,
    Descending to the Riches Below

Honoring the Belly, December 1994

Women's Spiritual Empowerment:
    Fulfilling alternatives to addiction
Out 'n About, February 12, 1993

Planet Home, Body Earth, Mother World:
    A body/mind approach to developing     ecological consciousness

Social Ecology & Community Action Conference
University of Tennessee, May 1992

Your Belly Is Your Body's Sacred Center
Katúah Journal, Spring 1990

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